Tootsie Roll Shot


You’ll never believe these two common bar ingredients come together to make a shot that tastes great like a tootsie roll.

A single shot glass on a white background filled with a brown tootsie roll shot.  A candy is in front.

Tootsie rolls are a classic American candy. Despite what you might think, rather than being chocolate, it’s chocolate taffy.

This shot recreates the flavor of a tootsie roll with just two ingredients: an alcohol and a mixer.

It’s a great choice for chocolate lovers who want low ABV. For other options, try a Neapolitan shot or a fine mint shot.


A bottle of Kahlua next to a bottle of orange juice in front of a white background.

  • Double – Kahlua brings notes of chocolate and coffee. I do not recommend replacing it with another coffee liqueur.
  • Orange juice – The acidity of JO acts to attenuate the coffee notes and accentuate the chocolate notes of Kahlua. I recommend using a pulp-free version.

How to do

A collage of two photos showing the steps to make a tootsie roll shot.

  1. Add Kahlua and orange juice to a shaker. Shake until combined.
  2. Strain into shot glasses.

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Two shot glasses filled with brown tootsie shots on a white background.


  1. No shaker? Shake with a mason jar with a lid, or pour the ingredients directly into shot glasses and stir with a bar spoon.
  2. Want to make it a cocktail rather than a shot? Double the recipe below and serve it in a highball glass.

A single shot glass filled with brown tootsie roll shot sits on a white background with tootsie roll candies.

To print

Tootsie Roll Kick

A two-ingredient shot that tastes like rolled candy.

  • Author: Jessica Pinney
  • Preparation time: 2 minutes
  • Total time: 2 minutes
  • Yield: 2 1X
  • Category: Blows
  • Kitchen: American

A single shot glass on a white background filled with a brown tootsie roll shot.  A candy is in front.


1.5 ounces Double

1.5 ounces Orange juice


Add Kahlua and orange juice to a shaker with a few ice cubes.

Shake for 10-15 seconds, then strain into two shot glasses.

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