Pickle Shots


This unique alcohol shot is made with tangy pickle juice, vodka, and chili powder.

Two square shot glasses filled with neon green pickle shots garnished with a Tajin rim and a baby pickle.

Pickle-lover’s have to try these TikTok viral shots! They’re made with dill pickle juice and vodka and they have a Tajin rim for a delicious spicy kick. 

The tangy, salty juice and the spice from the chili powder work together to mask the flavor of the alcohol, creating a surprisingly smooth shot!


All the ingredients to make pickle shots on a black background - a bottle of vodka, Tajin, and pickle juice.
  • Pickle Juice – Use strained pickle brine from a jar of pickles or keep these pickle juicers handy. 
  • Vodka – Use traditional vodka or experiment with different flavors like lime, or something with a kick such as Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind. 
  • Tajin – Tajin or another chili powder adds a nice spice. You can dip it in chamoy first too, kind of like the Mexican candy shot.
  • Garnish – Use whole baby pickles or cut them into slices for the garnish.

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  1. For best results, use a cocktail shaker with ice to incorporate the ingredients. This helps them mix better instead of stirring. 
  2. Chill the pickle juice and vodka ahead of time for the smoothest shot. 
A single square shot glass filled with a neon green pickle shot. The rim has been dipped in red Tajin chili powder and a baby pickle is added as a garnish.


  • Add hot sauce to make a spicy pickle shot. This Serrano dill pickle hot sauce is a great choice. 
  • Use Jameson or other Irish whiskey to make a pickleback shot. (Though this shot is usually served with the ingredients in succession, shaking them together is even better!)
  • Shake with Tequila and lime juice instead of vodka for a tasty Mexican twist.


Pickle Shots

A salty, tangy pickle shot made with vodka.

  • Author: Jessica Pinney
  • Prep Time: 2 minutes
  • Total Time: 2 minutes
  • Yield: 2 1x
  • Category: Shots
  • Cuisine: American

Two square shot glasses filled with neon green pickle shots garnished with a Tajin rim and a baby pickle.


1.5 oz Pickle Juice

1.5 oz Vodka

2 Tbsp Tajin


Add pickle juice and vodka to a cocktail shaker with a few cubes of ice. Shake 15-20 seconds.

Dip two shot glasses in water or chamoy, then in Tajin.

Strain the shots into the two glasses. Garnish with a baby pickle.

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